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About me

I received my PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder (USA) in 1989 and then worked as Assistant Professor at the University of Northern Colorado before moving to Montreal in 2002, where I hold a position as Professor in Educational Psychology. I study diverse youths’ learning and identity work in science across time and space, in settings such as museums, afterschool and community programs through qualitative multi-sited ethnographies and discourse analysis guided by sociocultural historical theory. I am also interested in youth voice and participatory research methods and indigenous community based research. Gardening as a tool for learning and developing a relationship with nature and the land, youth activism tied to food production and sustainability issues are also of interest to me.



Sociocultural Theory, Activity Theory (CHAT)


Ph.D. Educational Psychology

University of Colorado, Boulder, 1998

Gardening, Food Production & Sustainability Education

Informal and Formal Science Education

Learning Ecologies for Science Education

Informal Settings for Teacher Education

Community Schools

Fifth Dimension Afterschool Program

Certificate in Cognitive Science

Institute of Cognitive Science, Boulder, 1995

M.A. Educational Psychology

University of Colorado, Bolder, 1992

Youth Development; Identity and Learning; Youth Youth Voice


Ethnic Diversity; Equity & Social Justice


Indigenous Education, Inuit Education in Nunavik and Nunavut.


Qualitative Research Methods : Multisited Ethnography;

Visual Ethnography; Video Ethnography; Discourse Analysis; Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR);

Indigenous Epistemology and Research Methods.

Learning and Identity Pathways of young people in various educational spaces over time (extracurricular, community programs, museums, camps, gardens, primary and secondary schools)

B.A. Psychology

McGill University, Montreal, 1990


Université de Montréal (Montréal, Canada) 

Educational Psychology

  • Full Professor (2013-)

  • Associate Professor (2005-2013)

  • Assistant Professor (2002-2005)

University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, USA), Educational Psychology

  • Assitant Professor (1999-2002)

Metro State University (Denver, USA), Psychology

  • Part-time Faculty (1999)

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